Hospital/physician relations

Jul 08 |
Hospitals gained about 6,700 jobs last month, following losses of 27,000 in May.
May 07 | Jeff Lagasse
Patient and staff morale has improved following implementation of a personalized, virtual rounding…
May 05 | Jeff Lagasse
The general public experienced a similar arc, though it hasn't sunk as low as…
Feb 28 | Jeff Lagasse
Moral distress has been correlated with traumatic stress, burnout, depression and even intent to leave…
Feb 24 | Jeff Lagasse
Such physicians also can be used to fill in when healthcare facilities experience turnover on their…
Jan 27 | Jeff Lagasse
What was particularly troubling is that the trend appears to be getting worse, with the salary gap widening over…
Jan 16 | Susan Morse
Staffing shortages, regulatory burden and reimbursement, and patient expectations on cost, quality and convenience top priorities.
Jan 03 | Jeff Lagasse
In the model, pay equity was affirmed in 96% of cases, and of those with higher-than-predicted…
Dec 17, 2019 | Jeff Lagasse
Shift work takes a toll on circadian rhythms and can impair the performance of workers, data shows.
Dec 11, 2019 | Jeff Lagasse
Physician compensation has also increased, and in New Orleans, pay growth hit 10%.