Compliance & Legal

Sep 17 | Susan Morse
At stake is $1.6 billion in payments per year to thousands of 340B hospitals that serve vulnerable populations, the AHA said.
Peggy O'Kane, president of the NCQA
Sep 16 | Kat Jercich
Its recommendations include lifting limitations on originating sites, allowing telehealth for various types…
Sep 15 | Jeff Lagasse
Meeting the objectives of the final rule will be necessary to ensure compliance by January 1.
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Sep 14 | Jeff Lagasse
"Most favored nation" approach would break from GOP free-market orthodoxy by tying Medicare…
Telemedicine appointment on a tablet
Sep 10 | Kat Jercich
The commission, which advises Congress on issues affecting Medicare, put forth a number of options aimed at maximizing care access while…
Sep 04 | Jeff Lagasse
The distribution is the latest update in the previously announced $5 billion in support to nursing homes…
Aug 28 | Susan Morse
In his 70-minute speech from the South Lawn of the White House last night, President Donald…
Aug 26 | Jeff Lagasse
The complaint cited "dangerous" conditions, including failing to notify workers when they've been exposed to…
Aug 25 | Susan Morse
Humana says it was billed millions of dollars for fraudulent prescription claims and members received unwanted expensive creams. 
Aug 24 | Susan Morse
At the heart of the legal battle is whether the ACA can stand without the tax mandate for individuals to have health insurance.