Community Benefit

Mar 16, 2017 | Kaiser Health News
These requirements add to the ongoing controversy about whether all nonprofit hospitals do…
Mar 14, 2017 | Beth Jones Sanborn
The toy company's gift is the largest ever made to the California hospital.
Mar 03, 2017 | Jeff Lagasse
Wisconsin's average penalty for 2017 will be 0.33 percent, which…
Feb 27, 2017 | Jeff Lagasse
Medicaid expansion was a boon for rural hospitals, as millions more Americans…
Feb 24, 2017 | Jeff Lagasse
The centralized facility is expected to improve laboratory performance and efficiency, reduce costs
Feb 22, 2017 | Jeff Lagasse
Nationwide, 83.8 percent of workers were employed in jobs that offered insurance, and 75 percent of eligible…
Feb 22, 2017 | Kaiser Health News
A single-payer system would replace private insurance with a government plan that pays for coverage for everyone.
Feb 22, 2017 | Kaiser Health News
Lawmakers are considering relaxing or eliminating the restrictions on how much more insurers can charge older…
Feb 21, 2017 | Jeff Lagasse
Preventable hospital readmissions are estimated to account for more than $17 billion in…
Feb 20, 2017 | Kaiser Health News
Some business owners welcome the rollback of the law, but the smallest of California businesses have the most to lose under repeal.