Community Benefit

Jun 09 | Jeff Lagasse
The resolution was spurred by a 73-year-old with aphasia who was denied access to support persons,…
Jun 09 |
Anthem has pledged $2.5 billion to assist consumers, caregivers and communities.
Jun 08 | Jeff Lagasse
The AMA said it opposes all forms of racism, denounces police brutality and will work to dismantle racist…
Prisoner consulting with attorney
Jun 05 | Jeff Lagasse
The goal was to improve outcomes, reduce the recidivism rate and send inmates back into the communities…
May 28 | Jeff Lagasse
C3 said that telehealth capability is needed in order to better fight the COVID-19 pandemic, and will better serve…
May 28 | Jeff Lagasse
Predictive analytics and natural language processing have helped the system improve readmission,…
May 28 | Jeff Lagasse
With the help of natural language processing and predictive capabilities, UVA has forged…
Apr 24 |
The Brave Heart Fund is starting with seed funds of $25 million with the goal to raise at least $100 million.
Apr 16 | Jeff Lagasse
The benefits of social distancing policies will outweigh the economic costs by $5.2 trillion, economists find.
Mar 26 | Jeff Lagasse
The decision is unrelated to the current COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Kaiser says.