Capital Finance

May 15 | Jeff Lagasse
Any medical group requires a strong leader, and the most important qualities to look for are…
May 06 | Jeff Lagasse
The nature of acquisitions is changing, with less volume but more high-dollar deals -- many of…
May 01 | Jeff Lagasse
There's an opportunity for investors to address the longstanding epidemic while also netting good returns on their…
Apr 29 | Jeff Lagasse
The majority of CFOs say they're not adequately prepared for the future given the rapid pace of change in the…
Apr 29 | Susan Morse
Investing in research and development can propel health systems taking financial risk into the front lines of innovation.
Apr 26 | Jeff Lagasse
The rate of revenue growth in 2018 eked ahead of expenses for the first time since 2015.
Apr 24 | Jeff Lagasse
Seniors also reported their concern that rising healthcare costs will result in significant and lasting damage to…
Apr 23 | Jeff Lagasse
Even the positive health effects observed in participating employees fell short of certain clinical measures of health.
Apr 22 | Jeff Lagasse
Reasons for the jump include implementation of the ICD-10 coding system, increasing healthcare costs…
Apr 18 | Jeff Lagasse
It was the fourth straight quarter in which M&A was lower than the annual quarterly average.