Business Intelligence

Jan 28, 2019 | Susan Morse
Network will eventually be open to new members for secure digital sharing of healthcare…
Jan 28, 2019 | Kaiser Health News
What has long been shrouded in darkness is now being thrown into the light.
Jan 25, 2019 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Massive gaps leave practices more dependent on reimbursement from commercial payers and commercial contracts,…
Jan 24, 2019 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Two cases emerged from whistleblower claims about improper billing related to discounted drug prices and insulin pens.
Dr. Ronald Loo, chair of the Kaiser Permanente Inter-Regional Chiefs Of Urology and Co-Lead of Kaiser Permanente Health Innovation Team
Jan 22, 2019 | Beth Jones Sanborn
The system's equipment sharing program saved $500,000 in its first year but Ronald…
Alex Azar
Jan 18, 2019 | Susan Morse
HHS Secretary Alex Azar joins the roster, which also features Aneesh Chopra, Karen DeSalvo, Michael Levitt, Mick Ebeling, Seema Verma and Susan…
Jan 17, 2019 | Jeff Lagasse
Investors are more comfortable with healthcare than other sectors because it's less susceptible to fluctuating economic…
Jan 16, 2019 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Tenet's CEO said the exclusion of Humana patients had an adverse effect on the system, with adjusted patient…
Jan 16, 2019 | Jeff Lagasse
Low out-of-pocket costs, prescription drug coverage and in-network access to providers were some of the factors.
Jan 15, 2019 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Hahnemann and St. Christopher's were recently sold by Tenet Healthcare to American Academic Health System,…