Business Intelligence

John Molina steps down from Board of Directors
Feb 27 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Both Molina brothers had retained positions on the system's board of directors following a management shakeup last year.
hospital operations
Feb 16 | Bill Siwicki
The hospital has outstripped its physical footprint, so analytics for patient placement has…
Feb 14 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Insured population, however, is expected to shrink from 91.1 percent in 2016 to 89.3 percent in…
Feb 12 | Jeff Lagasse
Medical decision are being made in the hub of a large system quite the way there were just a few short…
What the Amazon deal means for payers
Feb 08 | Susan Morse
The potential ability to lower the cost and target insured employees in a personalized, digital way better and more…
Health 2.0
Feb 07 | Bernie Monegain
Event connecting pharma, hospitals and payers with tech companies will be at this year's health IT conference for the first time.
Consultants often play big role in ACOs
Feb 06 | Jeff Lagasse
The number of accountable care organizations in the United States is steadily increasing, with over 32 million people now receiving…
Dow drops more than 1,100 points on Monday
Feb 05 | Susan Morse
Stock market at closing bell recovered to an 1,175 point drop.
Vizient: Drug prices to rise 7% in 2019
Jan 31 | Beth Jones Sanborn
The increase represents a substantial impact, especially given the use of many high-cost drugs, the report says. The firm also…
amazon healthcare
Jan 31 | Tom Sullivan
The entire ecosystem is changing, forcing smart CIOs to keep pace or face significant disruption.