Business Intelligence

Apr 02 | Jeff Lagasse
Revenue is tanking, while expenses are going up, as organizations prepare for big surges in…
Doctor on computer
Mar 24 | HIMSS
Experience the education, innovation and collaboration of the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition... virtually.
Mar 18 | Jeff Lagasse
At the same time, 64% say they could not afford to pay out their full annual deductible if…
Mar 09 | Jeff Lagasse
The increasing size of healthcare deal values stemmed primarily from large buyouts, as the average deal size…
Mar 05 | Healthcare IT News
After monitoring the situation for weeks, CEO Hal Wolf says the 2020 HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition will not proceed as hoped,…
Feb 27 | Jeff Lagasse
Proposed surprise medical bill legislation has coincided with a significant number of insurance contract terminations.
Feb 14 | Susan Morse
Between 2014 and 2018, per-person yearly spending, for those with employer-sponsored insurance,…
Feb 13 | Jeff Lagasse
The outbreak could also ultimately increase demand for hospital services, medical products and devices as well as…
Employee at desk
Feb 06 | Dave Muoio, Mobihealth News
Data from an Aetna International survey also suggest that employers and convenient digital tools could play a role in…
Feb 06 | Dave Muoio, Mobihealth News
A majority of employers, meanwhile, said they are viewing workforce digital health offerings as a…