Person in white jacket in front of computer monitor writes on paper
Nov 18 | Jeff Lagasse
The system's digital transformation achieved Stage 7 designation from the HIMSS Analytics…
Stethoscope on papers next to graphic chart
Nov 16 | Mallory Hackett
A positive side for Providence is its expanded virtual care offerings, which are expected to reach 1.4 million…
People in scrubs and one in white jacket at hospital desk
Nov 04 | Mallory Hackett
Higher revenues through September were offset by rising expenses of 3.5% year-over-year,…
An Anthem building
Nov 03 | Susan Morse
Non-COVID-19 utilization is back to 95% of baseline, and, when coupled with the cost of COVID-19 care, overall utilization…
Doctor and patient in a sunny hallway
Oct 21 | Jeff Lagasse
The drop in admissions suggests revenue losses that may be difficult for some hospitals to weather.
Wheeling a patient in an emergency department
Oct 19 | Jeff Lagasse
Telehealth adoption under COVID-19 has provided a blueprint for wider implementation across ERs and other…
Faith Regional Health System in Nebraska kept the lights on by focusing on the basics.
Oct 16 | Susan Morse
The Nebraska health system was able to keep financially afloat during the crisis without layoffs or furloughs.
Person with one hand on calculator and the other writing on a pad
Oct 14 | Jeff Lagasse
The surging costs of tackling the pandemic are straining public hospital budgets, increasing…
HCA Healthcare is returning CARES Act funding.
Oct 12 | Mallory Hackett
The announcement points to the company's financial recovery from the pandemic.
In the upper Midwest, physicians see median compensation that's 10%-15% higher than the national average.
Oct 09 | Jeff Lagasse
Rural facilities tend to pay physicians more due to the difficulty in recruiting new talent to rural…