Jun 07 | Jeff Lagasse
Readmissions occur for almost 20 percent of patients hospitalized in the U.S. and are associated with patient…
Jun 07 | Jeff Lagasse
Consumer and employee expectations are changing, requiring continued…
Jun 03 | Susan Morse
During June, HFN will dive into the new payments, interview experts and report on what's really happening with value-based care.
May 23 | Jeff Lagasse
Targeted interventions have shown a modest ability to lower costs and have the potential to…
May 21 | Jeff Lagasse
While it's important for disparate EHRs to communicate with one another,…
May 16 | Jeff Lagasse
A consistent framework is needed to ensure healthcare quality workforces are efficient,…
May 14 | Susan Morse
Precision medicine tailors care, but it requires technology and interpreting genetic data, complexities that present a…
May 13 | Jeff Lagasse
Machine learning advances go above and beyond what has presently been achieved in medicine, the findings…
May 01 | Susan Morse
The promise of personalizing care is enormous but it will also require hefty investments to turn it into a reality.
Petri dish with probe
Apr 30 | Healthcare Finance Staff
HIMSS Media during May will interview the experts, talk to thought leaders about the obstacles and opportunities precision medicine presents today.