Acute Care

Feb 20 | Jeff Lagasse
In the U.S., recruiting internationally educated nurses is addressing the ongoing nursing…
Feb 18 | Jeff Lagasse
The COVID-19 virus may be at least as transmissible as SARS; WHO officials cautioned…
"NJ Capitol" by Lowlova is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Feb 18 | Susan Morse
New Jersey legislators told the governor they want CarePoint finances and transactions closely watched, in light of…
Feb 17 | Jeff Lagasse
WHO stopped short of calling the COVID-19 coronavirus a pandemic, saying much of its spread is still localized to…
Feb 11 | Susan Morse
Blueprint includes cuts for care in hospital outpatient departments, teaching hospitals and post-acute care providers, AHA says.
Feb 11 | Jeff Lagasse
Interest rates remain at historic lows and purchase price multipliers will likely be…
Jan 30 | Susan Morse
The U.S. has its first case of infection by human-to-human contact, CDC has confirmed.
Jan 28 | Susan Morse
Study finds 8% of providers are spending upward of $1 million dealing with post-payment audits each year.
Jan 28 | Susan Morse
Five patients have been identified in this country, with all having traveled from Wuhan, China, where the…
Jan 28 | Jeff Lagasse
There was a 2% drop in ICU deaths at non-minority hospitals, but the same improvement rate was not seen at…