Acute Care

patient with IV bags
Jul 14, 2015 | Susan Morse
Medicare cost differences ranged from $13,806 to $20,809 over an episode of care among…
Doctor face off
Jul 13, 2015 | Susan Morse
Once bitter rivals, healthcare providers in same markets are finding it's better to keep their enemies close, sharing services,…
Arizona desert
Jun 16, 2015 | Henry Powderly
The alliance will centralize certain services relating to purchasing and electronic health records and extend physician networks.
Tenet Healthcare Headquarters
Jun 15, 2015 | Henry Powderly
New report by Standard & Poor's claims a more diverse payer mix brought about by the…
Skriff Medical Center
Jun 01, 2015 | Susan Morse
Mercy plans to invest $7 million in the hospital during the next seven years, enhancing the hospital's cardiology,…
Newton Medical Center
Jun 01, 2015 | Susan Morse
Piedmont, with five hospitals in its network, is gaining a 97-bed nonprofit hospital that has plans underway to…
montefiore medical center
May 28, 2015 | Jennifer Zaino
Leaders like Banner Health, Montefiore explain what it took to succeed in the first ACO model, and look towards new programs that…
May 27, 2015 | Susan Morse
New Hampshire ACO's goal is to have capitation make up 70 percent of reimbursements, dropping fee-for-service from…
Philadelphia skyline
May 26, 2015 | Anthony Brino
Operating income across Pennsylvania's 35 for-profit and 135 nonprofit hospitals decreased about 5 percent in fiscal…
May 26, 2015 | Healthcare Finance Staff
Jay LaBine, MD, is a surgeon working at the forefront of America's changing healthcare economy, the provider-sponsored health plan.