Acute Care

Aug 06, 2018 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Communication, planning and the right technologies are key when wildfires and hurricanes strike large…
Financial distress forecasting can help hospitals avoid closures
Jul 24, 2018 | Jeff Lagasse
Understanding the root causes of financial hardship enables hospital executives to best pick which…
TN hospitals generate $18B for state economy
Jul 16, 2018 | Jeff Lagasse
New data from states including Tennessee and Connecticut highlight the importance of helping sustain community well being.
Jul 09, 2018 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Everything from private rooms down to motorized shades and acoustic panels are elements of design that cater to…
How tech will change healthcare real estate
Jul 02, 2018 | Jeff Lagasse
Hospitals will have to adapt to these changing technologies to stay competitive in their respective markets.
Male nurses earn $6K more than women
Jun 18, 2018 | Jeff Lagasse
The trend in nursing mirrors a larger trend occurring across the healthcare industry with double-digit percentage…
How the misuse of personal protection equipment in hospitals jeopardizes patients
Jun 13, 2018 | Beth Jones Sanborn
The lack of proper PPE can lead to hospital-acquired infections, poor safety scores, low public…
May 31, 2018 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Politics aside, it boils down to actively protecting patients and preventing death wherever possible and physicians…
Beth Israel to build new $534M inpatient building
May 16, 2018 | Beth Jones Sanborn
The new building, which will house 345,000 square feet of space, is their first new…
Drug-resistant staph infections MRSA
May 15, 2018 | Jeff Lagasse
Surprise: Drug-resistant staph infections cost the same or slightly less to treat than non-resistant infections, study shows.