Accounting & Financial Management

Feb 07 | Jeff Lagasse
Missed appointments have a negative effect on clinical productivity, and unused clinical space and…
Feb 07 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Billing process causes so much confusion that patients say they aren't 100 percent sure what they owe until the collections agencies call.…
Patients are the new payers in healthcare
Feb 06 | Beth Jones Sanborn
TransUnion Healthcare's Revenue Cycle leader Jonathan Wiik will shed light on evolving healthcare payment landscape where patients now…
Dow drops more than 1,100 points on Monday
Feb 05 | Susan Morse
Stock market at closing bell recovered to an 1,175 point drop.
aetna insurance
Jan 30 | Susan Morse
Aetna posts strong fourth quarter, but a 16 percent decrease for the year.
Jan 26 | Susan Morse
Health system's marketing team uses data to target higher-paying commercially insured consumers…
Jan 24 | Jeff Lagasse
The growth in expenses is attributed largely to rising prices for emergency department visits, surgery…
ACO ditches Excel to advance Medicare Shared Savings Program
Jan 23 | Susan Morse
Innovation Care Partners built a dashboard to engage physicians and offers them financial incentives to use the…
Medical groups: Costs up, revenue down
Jan 11 | Jeff Lagasse
The operating loss per physician jumped from a 10 percent loss of net revenue to a 17.5 percent loss.
Pension liability: A big opportunity to save millions
Jan 09 | Susan Morse
Hospital executives and finance teams are missing an opportunity to save money in paying unfunded pension liability. Here's…