Larson Financial Now Offering Medical Malpractice Insurance to Clients in Eight States

Larson Financial is proud to announce that they are now offering medical malpractice insurance to clients in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, California and Florida. The ability to manage Malpractice Insurance policy limits and other coverage issues will allow the advisors at Larson Financial to further address the asset-protection aspects of the financial planning process.

To date, Larson Financial has hired four brokers to lead the Medical Malpractice arm of the company. These brokers bring a combined 31 years of experience and expertise in malpractice insurance, alongside a support team with extensive qualifications . The objective of this division is to offer high-quality carriers that are properly suited to protect the assets and reputations of our physician clients.

“This is an exciting time for Larson Financial. With the addition of our Medical Malpractice division, the resources are now in place to meet the high standards our clients have come to expect,” said Paul Larson, President & CEO of Larson Financial.

Unlike most insurance, which is for a specific item, malpractice insurance protects all of a doctor’s assets. In addition to being healers and caretakers, doctors are also business owners, which puts them at risk for lawsuits and claims. The medical malpractice insurance offered by Larson Financial allows physicians to pursue their calling and practice their specialty without fear of reprisal.

About Larson Financial Group

Larson Financial has offices nationwide serving over 3,000 medical specialists in regards to all aspects of their finances. Using a personalized, comprehensive planning approach, the primary goal is to help doctors successfully navigate through their many unique financial options. In addition to working one-on-one with physicians, the advisors of Larson Financial share their knowledge with doctors, hospitals and private practices by offering educational workshops and seminars.

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