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Zoom+ clinic operator adds gynecology, dermatology to services

Evaluations and procedures are scheduled online by mobile phone and do not require a referral; visits are in person and online, company says.

Beth Jones Sanborn, Managing Editor

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Healthcare clinic operator Zoom+ is growing the list of specialized medical services they provide at their Advanced Care Studio in Portland, Oregon with the addition of gynecology and dermatology services, the company announced in a statement.

Zoom+ Specialist' physicians collaborate with colleagues at Oregon Health Sciences University to provide a wide range of specialist care. Evaluations and procedures can be scheduled online and don't require a referral. Actual visits can happen in person or online via video visit. Their physician team creates a project plan for their care, which patients can actually monitor via an app on their mobile phone.

Zoom+ carries it's own insurance platform as well, but non-members can also access Zoom+ services with other insurance plans. Non-members can also self-pay at a rate of $200 per visit.

"From its inception in August, 2015, ZOOM+Specialists has filled an enormous unmet need for on-demand, same-day specialist healthcare," said co-founder and CEO Dave Sanders, M.D. "Now, for the first time, people requiring additional specialist services won't have to wait weeks or months to have their health concerns met."

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Zoom was founded by Sanders and friend/colleague Albert DiPiero, MD in 2006 that sought to bring people "the most convenient care for the most common conditions."

Today, the renamed Zoom+ includes a network of 28 neighborhood clinics and "advanced care studios" in Portland, Vancouver, Washington, and Seattle. Through the system, patients can take advantage of same day appointments, telemedicine, health coaching, food and exercise counseling, and even basic dental services.

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