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Vocera to unveil new clinical collaboration and communication tool at HIMSS18

The new platform will help humanize the connection between clinicians and patients.

Beth Jones Sanborn, Managing Editor

Vocera purchased Extension Healthcare in November for its data communication and transmission platform. And at HIMSS18, the company will unveil its new integrated offering called Vocera Collaboration Suite with Engage.

The suite aggregates patient information from multiple sources in real-time including EHRs, physiologic monitors and other clinical systems. The information is tagged with identifiers, correlated, and texts are routed simultaneously to appropriate care team members on their primary communication devices. It also enables viewing of waveforms, as well as event notifications and prioritized alarms paired with patient information.

Kathy English, Vocera's vice president of Global Marketing, pointed to a patient entering ventricular tachycardia as an example. When that happens, the system sends an alert from the cardiac monitor that combines lab values, vital signs, demographics and diagnoses into a single message, be it text or voice. In this case, the nurse, doctor, cardiologist and physician assistant would all receive that alert. 

"They'll all be notified of that in real time, which means that they'll all be able to make informed decisions without having to comb through charts to find out what all the complete data is that they need related to that event," said Kathy English, Vocera's vice president of global marketing. "The more informed a clinician is with the right data at the right time, the better decisions they can make and the better the outcome and experience for the patient."

English added that humanizing the technology to better connect people can help address clinician burnout. 

"When you're having to focus on the computer and not on the patient," she said, "it just changes the dynamic of delivering care."

Vocera will be talking more about the new platform and solution, as well as expounding on the foundational topic of "real-time situational awareness" at HIMSS18. 

Vocera will be at Booth 2824.

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