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Tom Brady commercial for Shields Healthcare gets Super Bowl update

Filmed before the big game, the commercial shows Brady with a "new" ring.

Henry Powderly, Editor-in-Chief

Shortly after the New England Patriots secured their epic comeback win in Sunday's Super Bowl LI, Shields Healthcare took some of the spotlight running an updated commercial featuring game MVP Tom Brady.

While the MRI facility operator has run commercials in the past featuring Brady securing his four Super Bowl rings in a Shields locker, during last night's commercial, Brady pulled a fifth ring out.

"It's kind of new," he said.

The commercial was filmed before the big game, and considering the outcome, Brady's clearly earned that degree of confidence.

Shields, which is based in Quincy, Massachusetts, is the official MRI provider for all the major sports teams in the Boston market, including the Patriots.

Here's the commercial:

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