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A third of Shared Savings ACOs earned more than $700 million in savings

Top earner Palm Beach Accountable Care Organization saved Medicare $62 million, earning $30 million for the ACO.

Susan Morse, Senior Editor

Over 30 percent of accountable care organizations in the Medicare Shared Savings Program for 2016 earned savings of more than a total $700 million.

An estimated 134 out of 432 ACOs generated savings during the 2016 performance year.

Another 294 neither lost nor earned savings

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service released no statement on the results.

The Medicare Shared Savings Program data shows experience in the program helps to save money.

Top earner Palm Beach Accountable Care Organization, which had an initial start date of 2012, saved Medicare $62 million, earning $30 million for the ACO.

Advocate Physician Partners ACO, which also started in 2012, saved Medicare $60 million, earning $28 million.

UT Southwestern Accountable Care Network started in 2014, generated savings for CMS of $37 million, and earned $17 million.

Hackensack Alliance ACO earned $22 million, saving Medicare $50 million

Cleveland Clinic Medicare ACO earned $19 million and saved Medicare $42 million.

Other top earners included AMITA Health ACO, which saved Medicare $42 million and earned $20 million; Millennium ACO, which earned $18 million, saving Medicare $26 million;

Memorial Hermann ACO earned $14 million, RGV ACO Health Providers earned $10 million, Balance ACO earned $11.9 million, Orange Accountable Care of South Florida earned $13 million and Premier Patient Healthcare earned $12 million.

Those ACOs losing money included MedStar Accountable Care, at -$3.6 million, Oregon ACO at -$1.3 million, Torrance Memorial Integrated Physicians at -$1.7 million and Catholic Medical Partners ACO at -$2 million.

MedStar's initial start date was in January 2016.

The Medicare Shared Savings Program encourages ACOs to better coordinate patient care and reduce healthcare costs. When an ACO exceeds quality and financial thresholds, it shares those savings with Medicare.

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MyHealth earned over $9 million for 2016, its second year in the program.

"For the second year in a row, MyHealth First Network was successful at generating an impressive amount of shared savings – more than $21.6 million – while improving the quality of care for nearly 60,000 Medicare beneficiaries," said Angelo Sinopoli, MD, president of MyHFN.

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