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Rhode Island Hospital to pay $25.6 million over negligence

Hospital admits staff failed to do proper follow-up on a patient, who ended up with severe brain damage as a result.

Susan Morse, Managing Editor

Photo of Rhode Island Hospital from <a href="">Facebook</a>Photo of Rhode Island Hospital from Facebook

Rhode Island Hospital must pay $25.6 million over a negligence lawsuit, according to reports, the largest such verdict ever in the state.

Jurors awarded Carl Beauchamp $15 million for pain and suffering and $5.6 million for medical expenses. They awarded his wife $5 million, according to news reports.

In addition, the Superior Court ordered the hospital to pay interest of $5.9 million, bringing the total award to $31.5 million.

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The hospital's parent company, Lifespan, said it does not plan to appeal.

Rhode Island Hospital had conceded it was negligent in its care of Beauchamp, who went to the hospital in 2009 for a head injury and left with permanent, debilitating injuries.

The hospital said its staff misdiagnosed Beauchamp, failed to check on him, do exams and other proper follow-up. As a result, Beauchamp's brain swelled causing him irreversible brain damage, according to court records.

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