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PriceDoc signs marketing deal with QSI, NextGen

A combination of the sour economy and healthcare reform has left many a small healthcare provider looking to make sure they get paid for their services. That may come in the form of more efficient revenue cycle management processes or making sure that patients have the money to pay for their healthcare.

A new partnership involving Quality Systems, Inc., the parent company of NextGen Healthcare, and the online healthcare shopping service seeks to make those connections by giving patients and their providers the opportunity to shop for deals., based in Solana Beach, Calif., was launched nationwide in November 2009 to give potential healthcare patients access to cost information on medical, dental and other health procedures. In addition, visitors who are uninsured, underinsured or seeking selective procedures can use the site to negotiate prices with physicians, dentists and small hospitals.

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The agreement with QSI, based in Irvine, Calif., and its Horsham, Pa.-based NextGen subsidiary allows QSI to market its QSI Dental solution and NextGen to market its Practice Management system – which manages appointments, billing and other administrative processes – to providers using the service, as well as giving providers already using their products access to “cash-paying” patients using PriceDoc. PriceDoc reports that more than 1.5 million medical procedures have been arranged through its online service and 3,850 providers are linked with the site.

“Through our partnership with, QSI now offers a new way to deliver revenue to our providers,” said Patrick B. Cline, QSI’s president, in a Sept. 28 press release. “For years we’ve proven a return on investment to clients through practice management efficiencies. Now, we can incorporate a proactive marketing opportunity as well.”

“We’re excited to be working with QSI to enhance their practice management technology with an online search marketing component,” added PriceDoc President Patrick Bradley. “By integrating our technologies, doctors and dentists now have a seamless system in which patients can research providers, negotiate prices directly with doctors, and produce a coupon for the agreed-upon fee on one easy-to-use site.”

The arrangement comes at no cost to either QSI or NextGen. Once a medical procedure is arranged and conducted through, the provider pays a marketing processing fee to PriceDoc and QSI.