Massachusetts General Hospital plans massive $1 billion expansion that will add a million square feet, 450 beds

Expansion will be located within the current MGH campus and will include a 12-story pair of connected towers; funding efforts are already underway.

Beth Jones Sanborn, Managing Editor

Massachusetts General Hospital is planning a massive expansion of their flagship Boston facility with a massive one million square feet for inpatient and outpatient clinical care, according to an email sent by MGH President Peter Slavin. The expansion will be located within the current MGH campus and will include a 12-story pair of connected towers that will house 450 beds. It will also include operating and interventional rooms, a procedural suite, imaging and infusion centers. The price tag on the project is expected to exceed $1 billion, according to the system.

The project is expected to kick off in 2020 and be done by 2026. Parking will be increased and several other buildings will be demolished and rebuilt.


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Private hospital rooms with just one bed are quickly becoming the new norm in newer hospitals or those having undergone renovations as consumerism drives healthcare and patients demand more for their healthcare dollars. They are also more conducive to privacy, fewer disruptions from neighboring patients and therefore promote a more restful environment. Slavin said MGH facilities are outdated with many patients sharing rooms and only 38 percent of rooms private.

That number puts them behind other competing Boston hospitals. The new facility will bring them level with both patient expectations and other area facilities. It will also help them meet growing demand for services and meet capacity challenges as well as accommodate new technologies. The building will also be able to withstand major flooding and high winds, making it a safe haven and critical resource in the face of extreme weather and natural disasters, the system said.


MGH isn't the only renowned Boston facility taking on large improvement projects. Reports said Boston Children Hospital's Longwood campus expansion continues. That project also comes with $1billion price tag and will ad 71 beds via an 11-story clinical building. Also included is a new outpatient building in the area.

MGH's last expansion was in 2011 with the completion of the Lunder building. The new building is expected to be twice as big, according to the Boston Globe.


"Creating such a transformative, forward-looking facility is essential for the MGH to continue to build upon its proud two-century tradition as a leading center of exceptional medicine, compassionate care and hope...We are mindful that adding a significant building to our campus may raise questions about whether the costs of the facility will increase the overall cost of health care. The MGH will continue to play a key leadership role in care management programs to meet the state's objectives for limiting cost growth. In addition, we are confident that philanthropy will be a significant source of funding for the project. In fact, the MGH Development Office is already having conversations with donors who may be interested in supporting our plans for the hospital's future," Slavin said.

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