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Majority of employer-insured Americans are satisfied with their health plan

The same 71 percent are concerned that the cost of their healthcare will continue to rise, survey says.

Susan Morse, Senior Editor

A new survey released by America's Health Insurance Plans shows that 71 percent of workers are satisfied with their current employer-provider health coverage.

The same 71 percent are concerned that the cost of their healthcare will continue to rise, according to the survey released on Tuesday.

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Only 9 percent said the cost of their plan was "extremely reasonable," compared to 26 percent who said it was "extremely unreasonable."

In comparisons of reasonable and unreasonable levels of cost, 30 percent answered in the reasonable categories and 66 percent checked in the unreasonable boxes.

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The price of premiums is reasonable to 52 percent of those who responded. Another 14 percent said it was "extremely reasonable." It was unreasonable to 41 percent, with 6 percent saying their premiums were "extremely unreasonable."

Seventy-nine percent say the cost of health insurance will increase in the next two years.

Prescription drug coverage is the benefit that matters most to 51 percent of those surveyed, followed by preventative care and emergency care, both at 47 percent.

Having insurers and providers work together to improve health and lower cost is seen as favorable, to 83 and 87 percent, respectively.

Their top value-added services are wellness programs, and health and flexible spending accounts.

The average health insurance company pays 70-80 percent of employee health insurance cost, AHIP said.

Fifty-eight percent of those surveyed said comprehensive benefits was their number one priority; 42 percent cited the affordability of plans.

Fifty-six percent say the coverage remains a key factor in their choice to stay at their current job. Forty-six percent said that health insurance was either a deciding factor or a positive influence in choosing their current job.

The top two concerns of employers are high cost claims and the cost of specialty drugs, according to Tracy Watts, a senior partner with Mercer, during a Tuesday AHIP panel called "Health Care: Your Job's Got You Covered," that also included Cigna CEO David Cordani, Nickles Group Chairman and CEO Don Nickles and AHIP CEO Marilyn Tavenner

The survey of 1,000 Americans with employer insurance was conducted for AHIP by Luntz Global Partners.

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