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Just how big is the average hospital CEO's bonus?

Other healthcare executives such as CFOs also earned double-digit percentages of base salary, according to new research.

Jeff Lagasse, Associate Editor

The average bonus for a hospital CEO is 33.2 percent of base salary, according to the 2018 Hospital Executive Compensation Report published by Total Compensation Solutions. 

Hospital executives wondering if how their bonus stacks up against colleagues and competitors might be interested to know that there was a wide range of bonuses, from 0 to 269 percent, but 76 percent of hospitals reported paying their CEO at least some kind of bonus.

One of the strongest factors in determining the size of bonuses paid to hospital CEOs is revenue size, in addition to the standard performance metrics used in the hospital industry, the report found.

Meanwhile, the average bonus range for five key executive positions, excluding the CEO, is 19.2 to 30.6 percent of base salary.

Chief operating officers' bonuses averaged 22.9 percent of their base salary; chief financial officer, 21.8 percent; top legal officer, 30.6 percent; chief medical officer, 23 percent; and chief nursing officer, 19.2 percent. 

The report includes data from 1,332 hospitals across the U.S., 27 executive and director-level job titles and compensation data for about 5,000 executives.

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