It's a tough job - and HFN is here to help

I think you've got one of the hardest jobs in the world. You have to figure out how to pay for exponentially intensifying technology in the face of looming doomsday demographics. Your customers often pay terribly slowly, and a large percentage never pays at all. And though you're expected to provide an essential public service, you need to perform like a business, or you'll go belly up.

That's why we launched Healthcare Finance News. As healthcare technology publishers and newspaper journalists, we've seen the challenges you face up close. Our flagship publication, Healthcare IT News, reports on the state-of-the-art at healthcare's leading edge. But life-saving technologies, scientific breakthroughs and digital healthcare all come at a big price. Technology may bring the promise of improved health and longer life, but while the benefits are seen as priceless, the costs are very real.

It's clear to us, as it is no doubt to you, that there are problems with a system that costs more, but delivers less, than virtually all of our industrialized nation peers.  How we improve the healthcare we deliver, while managing its staggering cost, will determine more than the success of our careers or our organizations. Upon doing this task well, in large part, rests the success of our nation's position in a global age.

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 To help you in your task, Healthcare Finance News is designed to deliver news you need to succeed in today's challenging healthcare environment. In the no-nonsense tone of a daily newspaper, we highlight the real world efforts being taken by hospitals, integrated delivery networks and health plans to better allocate resources, contain their costs, improve charge capture and invest for the future.

Well over 30,000 senior financial managers in the healthcare industry now receive Healthcare Finance News. This concise digest is designed to help share ideas and tactics so that you may learn from each other. But the newspaper you hold in your hands is just the beginning.  

Our exclusive eConnect codes provide more information online - in fewer keystrokes - about almost all the articles you see.

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Readers of this newspaper will come to appreciate the concise, just-the-facts style that is our raison d'etre. We've assembled a team of finance-savvy daily newspaper journalists to apply the sensibility of the city desk to the challenges you face every day. The result is a service designed to deliver more useful information - in appreciably less time - than all other sources.

We think it's the least we can do for folks with just about the toughest task on the planet.