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The importance of successful staffing processes

Optimizing candidate flow is essential to successfully staffing frontline positions said an executive of a human and workforce services company during a session at the KronosWorks 2012 annual conference in Las Vegas Tuesday.

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Tom Heetderks, vice president of ResCare Corporation shared with his audience how his company goes about successfully staffing a large and diverse number of frontline positions across a number of different lines of business, including home care, residential services, workforce services and youth services. ResCare, located in Louisville, Ky., has around 475,000 application starts and 22,500 hires per year, Heetderks said.

“You should understand your current flow and remove any barriers,” Heetderks said.

For instance, companies should maximize the use of their job sourcing systems.

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“The goal is to identify job sources like job boards and websites that maximize coverage, drive candidates to our ResCare career site and deliver the highest return on investment,” he said. “It’s important to have an updated career portal, use video to promote the brand, and make it easy for military veterans to apply as well.”

According to Heetderks, one way ResCare has improved its candidate flow is by decreasing application time by 40 percent by using bulleted job descriptions and requirements and reducing the number of questions and pages.

Companies also need to know when they lose employees where those employees are going, and when they hire, where the applicants are coming from.

ResCare learned that when it lost employees, those former employees returned to positions similar to the ones they were in before joining ResCare.

Above all, he told session attendees, companies need to have a consistent, auditable workflow system. “The worst thing is an inconsistent system,” he said. “We use the same process in all divisions and all of our hiring steps are tracked.”




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