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Horizon BCBSNJ and MOBE partner on reinsurance model for cost savings

Targeted services for frequent users come at no cost to the insurer or individual, but results in savings for the health plan.

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, or Horizon Healthcare Services,  has announced a new relationship with MOBE for improved health outcomes and lower costs.

MOBE works with health plans and large employers to identify and work with individuals who are frequent users of the healthcare system, a group that represents between 15-20% of an insured population.

Frequent users typically have unresolved health issues that cause ongoing events, but rarely hit the threshold that triggers traditional care management.

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Through an innovative reinsurance model, MOBE services come at no cost to Horizon or the individual. It guarantees savings for its insurer and employer customers through reduced claims costs.

MOBE began working with Horizon Healthcare Services on November 1 to give insurance policy holders one-on-one guidance on issues such as sleep, movement, medication, happiness and overall health.

MOBE offers insight into medications and how they interact with the body, as well as each other. The consultants prepare members to talk with their doctors so they know how to get the best results from their prescriptions, without unwanted complications.


Horizon is among the state's largest health insurers. Helping members improve their outcomes will help bring down costs in the healthcare system, the insurer said.


"Navigating the healthcare system and being healthy in general can be complicated and disconnected," said MOBE co-founder Eric Hamborg. "Horizon recognizes all of these factors and sees the value MOBE has brought to other plans, and how we can support their members on a path to success while guaranteeing material savings over the next three years."

"MOBE will help us empower our members to achieve their best health with tools and strategies that focus on areas too often neglected, but essential for overall well-being," said Robert J. Franzoi, vice president for Healthcare Management at Horizon. "MOBE's personalized, relationship-based support brings all aspects of health into alignment to give our members a better overall experience and produce better health outcomes."

Max Sullivan is a freelance writer and reporter who, in addition to writing about healthcare, has covered business stories, municipal government, education and crime. Twitter: @maxsullivanlive