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HIMSSCast: Livongo founder's new venture seeks to eliminate waste, advocate for patients - with Glen Tullman

Tullman speaks to HIMSSCast about his new venture, Transcarent, and why he believes it can succeed at solving some of healthcare's hardest problems.

Podcast guest Glen Tullman (Photo illustration by Jonah Comstock)Podcast guest Glen Tullman (Photo illustration by Jonah Comstock)

With his new company, Transcarent, Glen Tullman and his team are looking to go through self-insured employers to create a healthcare experience in line with 21st century consumer expectations and free of the waste and misaligned incentives endemic in the larger healthcare system.

It's a lofty aspiration, and one that's been tried before, with varying degrees of success – notably with the failed Amazon-Berkshire Hathaway-JP Morgan Chase venture Haven.

On today's episode, Tullman sits down with host Jonah Comstock, MobiHealthNews Managing Editor Laura Lovett, and Healthcare Finance News Managing Editor Susan Morse to discuss his new company's mission and game plan.

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Talking Points:

  • The problems Transcarent is trying to solve.
  • Making healthcare convenient, as with other industries.
  • What healthcare consumers want: unbiased information, trusted guidance and ease of access.
  • Bringing together the worlds of consumer tech and healthcare … again.
  • The misnomer of patient engagement.
  • Lessons learned from Livongo.
  • Moving toward consumer-directed, always-on healthcare.
  • Patients lack a real advocate in healthcare.
  • How Transcarent fits into the move to value-based care.
  • How to counteract misaligned incentives in healthcare.
  • Finding and eliminating waste in the healthcare system.
  • Looking ahead to the future of telehealth.

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