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HealthGrades names America's top hospitals

HealthGrades, a provider of consumer healthcare information, named America’s best 50 and 100 hospitals for 2012 in a report issued today.

These hospitals demonstrated superior and sustained clinical quality, ranking them in the top five percent of all hospitals in the nation, according to a press release issued by the company.

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Using 12 years of Medicare data, 150 million patient hospitalization records, and 26 different diagnoses and procedures, HealthGrades identified the country's 50 best hospitals and, for the first time, the nation's 100 best hospitals.

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Key report findings include:

  • America's 50 and 100 best hospitals are located in 88 cities in 25 states.
  • The majority of America's 50 and 100 best hospitals are nonprofit (87 percent), 7 percent are for profit, and 6 percent are government owned.
  • America's 50 and 100 best hospitals range from 100 beds to more than 500 with 45 percent having less than 350 beds and 55 percent having more than 350 beds.

"As our nation seeks to elevate the quality of care at all hospitals, these elite facilities provide a roadmap for success," said Arshad Rahim, MD, HealthGrades director of accelerated clinical excellence, in a written statement. "Consumers increasingly are demanding greater transparency and quality when selecting healthcare providers. These hospitals are delivering. We commend them for their dedication to excellence in patient care."

Collectively, during 2008 through 2010, HealthGrades America's 50 and 100 best hospitals had nearly a 30 percent lower risk-adjusted mortality across 17 procedures and diagnoses.

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From 2008 through 2010, if all hospitals performed at the level of the hospitals making HealthGrades' best list, 179,593 Medicare deaths may have been prevented, said the company.

The 50 and 100 best hospitals are listed below.