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Healthcare gears up for rough ICD-10 week as professionals vent frustrations online

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There are just three more days until the ICD-10 diagnostic code set becomes the main vocabulary used by healthcare providers in the United States. The change comes as many have spent months, even years, preparing for the shift.

But even though most systems and medical practices have at this point invested in the staff, systems and training to get ready for the switch, medical professionals across the country are preparing for what could be a very rough week once October 1 hits.

Here are a few public posts we found on Facebook today from professionals gearing up, and often lamenting, the ICD-10 switchover. In some cases, people have real angst about the change. While others, well, they just have to laugh at what the new code set will bring.

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If you have some insights to share about the ICD-10 change, email We'd love to hear your perspectives.

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