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Focus on Precision Medicine

HIMSS Media during May will interview the experts, talk to thought leaders about the obstacles and opportunities precision medicine presents today.

Here's how the future of care delivery will take shape.

It's the most promising trend in healthcare today: the ability to analyze large data sets to pinpoint actionable information that can be analyzed to tailor personalized treatment regiments and activate preventative wellness -- but that's as hard as it sounds. 

HIMSS Media during May will interview the experts, talk to thought leaders about the obstacles and opportunities precision medicine presents today.

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Precision medicine: Barriers to investment

The case for precision medicine has been made. Now, how do we make it happen?

Pharmacogenomics: Getting it right the first time

The ROI is in no longer going about treatment by trial and error.

M&A professionals see bright future for healthcare deals, despite political uncertainties

Poll reveals confidence in IT sector, while challenges remain in recruiting talent to capitalize on population health, precision medicine and more.

Precision medicine as a way to improve oncology care -- and potentially drive down drug costs

Targeted interventions have shown a modest ability to lower costs and have the potential to greatly improve cancer care.

The Top 25 Voices in Precision Medicine announced by BIS Research

Success in precision medicine has been largely dependent on thought leaders who are highly skilled interdisciplinary leaders.

Precision vs. personalized medicine: What's the difference?

Both terms get used to mean essentially the same thing but there are some subtleties that distinguish them.

Precision medicine: Getting the data creates a challenge for physicians

Precision medicine tailors care, but it requires technology and interpreting genetic data, complexities that present a roadblock for physicians.

Machine learning overtakes humans when it comes to predicting death or heart attack

Machine learning advances go above and beyond what has presently been achieved in medicine, the findings showed.

Reimbursement, regulation, resistance to change remain provider barriers to precision medicine

Precision medicine is a disruptive technology that is moving from revolution to evolution into mainstream adoption.

How insights from genomic sequencing can empower cancer patients

Bryce Olson, healthcare strategist at Intel, shares how telling his physician to "sequence me" helped him kick cancer.

Providers and precision medicine: Are you ready?

The promise of personalizing care is enormous but it will also require hefty investments to turn it into a reality.

Effective precision medicine must integrate social determinants of health

Just as critical as understanding genomic data is getting insights about a patient's environment and lifestyle, says University of Colorado Assistant Professor Mustafa Ozkaynak.

Skill sets needed for AI, precision medicine to grow

Sam Hanna, associate dean of graduate and professional studies and program director in healthcare management at American University, discusses why workforce development is needed to use data and technology to create targeted therapies.

Sharing of real world data, getting patients involved, is needed for better pharma collaborations

Pharma wants to be a part of value-based programs for risk-based arrangements with payers.

Precision medicine has potential to reduce wasteful ineffective treatments, study says

The healthcare industry wastes $2.5 billion per year on ineffective therapy, according to researchers.

Bringing precision medicine to patients with telehealth

At Renown Health, genomic testing and remote consulting meet for what's billed as a first-of-its-kind population health initiative.

Sutter, UPMC and DNAnexus forge precision medicine partnership

The teams will collect, process and analyze EHR data of up to 3,000 patients to create personalized care plans for people with MS.

Pfizer, Concerto HealthAI join up for precision medicine partnership

The pharma company will leverage Concerto's artificial intelligence-powered analytics capabilities to gain better oncology insights.