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Everything you need to know about ICD-10, told in weird diagnostic codes (Interactive)

Here are 30 of the most important and engaging stories about ICD-10.

After years of delay, and a few attempts this year to push it back again, the ICD-10 diagnostic code vocabulary will go live on October 1, completely changing the coding process for healthcare providers everywhere.

The change isn't a small one, either. The current ICD-9 set includes about 16,000 codes, which pales in comparison to the 70,000 options available in the new ICD-10 set. The argument is the increased specificity will improve health records and make reimbursement a much more targeted process. But some codes, like Z63.1 which diagnoses "problems with in-laws" have made ICD-10 the butt of jokes online ahead of the changeover (Really, who isn't suffering from Z63.1?).

In the lead-up to Oct. 1, Healthcare Finance and its sister sites have covered every angle of the change, from the opposition and the anxiety to the eventual gear-up for ICD-10. The interactive list below highlights what we think are 30 of the most important and engaging stories about ICD-10 from Healthcare Finance, Healthcare IT News, ICD-10 Watch and GovHealthIT, displayed using one of the many highly specific -- OK, weird -- codes included in the new set. Hover over each code to see the headline and click on the box to get caught up on the ICD-10 saga.

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