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ECRI will release Automatch enhancement that id's recalled equipment

Alerts Tracker automatically identifies equipment models and supplies within facility's inventory impacted by alert or recall, company says.

Jeff Lagasse, Associate Editor

ECRI Institute is set to release an enhancement to its automated recall management solution used by hospitals and health systems.

Alerts Tracker, which augments its Automatch platform, automatically identifies equipment models and supplies within a healthcare facility's inventory that are impacted by an alert or recall, and notifies designated department staff.

The tool is aimed toward healthcare providers who are challenged with managing, distributing and addressing thousands of alerts and recalls that may or may not affect them. The product was developed to reduce the need for manual inventory database searches -- allowing busy hospital staff quickly to see which alerts or recalls have the potential to affect their own patients.

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Alerts Tracker Automatch for Equipment cleans the data in a hospital or health system's inventory by matching it to ECRI Institute's standardized database of medical devices. This eliminates duplications and disparities upfront.

The Alerts Tracker team will also lend ongoing support to its members with personalized implementation, reporting tools and guidance on developing sound policies and practices.

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issues alerts and recalls on a weekly basis -- though not all of them stick. Earlier this month, the agency dropped a recall of some 2,800 scope-cleaning machines in use at hospitals and clinics nationwide. In November 2015, the FDA said Custom Ultrasonics of Ivyland, Pennsylvania, had repeatedly violated federal safety laws and those lapses could increase the risk of infection for patients. The FDA then backed off, saying the company's signature product, the System 83 Plus machine, could remain in the field while regulatory issues are being addressed.

The Alerts Tracker Automatch for Equipment system will officially debut at the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation AAMI 2016 Conference and Expo in Tampa, Florida, taking place from June 3 to 6.

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