Cirrus Health automates physician credentialing

DALLAS – Cirrus Health has selected a physician credentials verification service in anticipation of increased credentialing requirements for providers.

Some 1,100 practitioners in nine Cirrus Health facilities will be documented by the OneSource solution, delivered by Los Angeles-based Medversant Technologies LLC.

“We do a per-practitioner per-month billing,” said Penny Range, director of Corporate Quality and Service Excellence for Cirrus Health. “With accredited facilities, the requirements are being elevated in the next year, and there’s a requirement that documents be monitored. What Medversant brings to it is the automation side of it.”

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Cirrus had been relying on the paper credentialing processes most provider networks use, Range noted. She said Cirrus has benefited financially from the consistency of the electronic transfer of information.

“From our perspective, the biggest savings are in the quality of the file,” she said. “The biggest challenge is how we can make this fit in with our regular, ongoing, day-to-day duties.”

Every hospital and insurance plan has its own credentialing forms, said Matthew Haddad, chief executive officer of Medversant. “We created a total provider data management system,” he said, adding that OneSource streamlines the time-consuming credentials process on its Web-based platform.

“Other services may use software internally to capture information,” said Haddad. “Ours is a shared platform – a lot of the services are audited by the technology. We’re really four or five steps ahead of a typical service.”

OneSource also checks monthly to address issues such as a physician’s failure to renew his or her license. “Making sure that all your providers are fully licensed will prevent any kinds of paybacks from CMS and other insurers,” Haddad said.

While the Cirrus implementation was “fairly routine,” Haddad said the health network is growing rapidly and spans several states.

“A lot of times with a multi-state chain, the credentialing service gets very complicated,” he said. “We were tied in with all of the license boards, so we were a perfect solution for them.”