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Change Healthcare launches dental claim attachments technology

Claims processing solution helps payers speed up dental reimbursement.

Susan Morse, Managing Editor

Close to half of dental claims contain unnecessary information which slows down processing and increases cost, according to Change Healthcare, which has launched new attachment technology to help speed up reimbursement

Change, a healthcare technology company, on Thursday launched  the technology that ensures only essential attachments required by a payer are connected to a dental claim and are delivered according to payer preferences.

Traditionally, insurers are processing paper-based attachments to claims, escalating processing fees and compounding delays.

Of the over 45 percent of dental health providers using electronic claim submissions also use an electronic attachment, many send unnecessary attachments or fail to send the required attachment, Change said. This results in higher costs for payers and  re-work for providers.

"The Change Healthcare claim attachment offering will not only help reduce operating costs for providers, but will also provide a more integrated offering with associated claim detail for our payer partners," said Sajid Khan, general manager, Dental, Change Healthcare.

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The attachment solution uses a large dental electronic data interchange claims network, Change said.

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