Coronavirus is impacting the financial health of nonprofit hospitals, but CFOs have some options
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One-year projected costs of coronavirus to the commercial market could hit $251 billion
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Lessons from the Spanish flu: Early restrictions lowered disease, mortality rates
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Trump accuses hospitals of hoarding ventilators and other supplies during coronavirus pandemic
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Mayo Clinic is studying antimalarial drug for COVID-19 treatment
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Some COVID-19 patients still have coronavirus after symptoms disappear, possibly endangering health workers
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In the coronavirus age, loneliness and social isolation are pressing concerns for healthcare
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Kaiser Permanente cancels plans for $900 million headquarters in Oakland
Mar 26 | Jeff Lagasse
The decision is unrelated to the current COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Kaiser says.
Potential COVID-19 drugs see flood of demand, prompting Vizient to recommend government action
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The recommendations center on redirecting the supply of the drugs from ...