Consolidation, consumerism ranked as top trends in healthcare based on new survey
Apr 23 | Jeff Lagasse
Even though M&A activity has slowed in recent quarters, health professionals ...
Short-term wellness programs having minimal impact on healthcare costs
Apr 23 | Jeff Lagasse
Even the positive health effects observed in participating employees fell short of certain ...
More hospitals outsourcing their billing, leading to boom in billing outsourcing market
Apr 22 | Jeff Lagasse
Reasons for the jump include implementation of the ICD-10 coding system, ...
The nation's 15 top health systems, as ranked by IBM Watson Health
Apr 22 | Jeff Lagasse
This year's hospitals had better risk-adjusted outcomes, better patient satisfaction and ...
Wording in medical student evaluations differ by gender, minority status, revealing potential bias
Apr 19 | Jeff Lagasse
Evaluators often used personal descriptors to describe a ...
Site neutral payment policies straining Maine hospitals, accelerating consolidation
Apr 19 | Jeff Lagasse
Hospitals in the state are looking to leverage economies of scale in order to ...
Hospital merger and acquisition volume in the first quarter was the lowest in nearly a decade
Apr 18 | Jeff Lagasse
It was the fourth straight quarter in which M&A was lower than the ...
For busy medical students, two-hour meditation study may be as beneficial as a longer course
Apr 17 | Jeff Lagasse
Medical students are at disproportionately high risk for depression and ...
Safety-net hospitals fare better under new Medicare reimbursement rules
Apr 17 | Jeff Lagasse
Large hospitals and teaching hospitals are the most likely to see reduced penalties; those in ...