Emergency medical technicians, paramedics more likely to see raises than other healthcare jobs
Aug 16 | Jeff Lagasse
The 2016 median salary for EMTs and paramedics was $40,508, but in ...
Test kicks off to help consumers pick a health system during open enrollment
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If consumer choice can be leveraged correctly, it forces physicians, hospitals and ...
10 best and worst states for healthcare based on cost and quality, as ranked by WalletHub
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Wage gap between hospital executives and doctors is widening, study shows
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Average compensation for CEOs at 22 major medical centers increased by 93 percent, while ...
Racial, ethnic minorities have lower rates of Medicare preventive care visits
Aug 14 | Jeff Lagasse
Lower use of the Medicare annual wellness visit by non-white patients is partially ...
Mayo Clinic comes out on top as U.S. News and World Report unveils 2018-19 Best Hospitals
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More than 1,100 hospitals were rated high performing in at least one common ...
Healthcare analytics market to hit $31 billion by 2022
Aug 13 | Jeff Lagasse
Analytics enable providers to make decisions based on vast amounts of data, resulting in savings.
Hospital profits in Massachusetts shriveling due to financial pressure
Aug 13 | Jeff Lagasse
Hit especially hard were Massachusetts' community hospitals, with median operating ...