2019 Affordable Care Act rates make short-term health insurance plans more attractive
Oct 19 | Jeff Lagasse
Even with the 1.5 percent decline in silver plan rates for 2019, consumers have ...
Healthcare still a top priority for voters as midterm elections near
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Hospitals spending $25 billion more on supply chain than they should, study finds
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Savings opportunities are fairly equal across hospital size, location, and whether ...
Cost of Medicare diabetes prevention program may exceed reimbursements
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Subtracting the average payment of $139, there was a $661 gap between the cost of the program ...
Vatican gives thumbs-up to merger between Catholic Health Initiatives and Dignity Health
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Most Medicare beneficiaries think Medicare won't be available for their children, HealthMine finds
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Respondents also showed concern about the security of their ...
Cost transformation is imperative, but hospital efforts are lagging behind, survey shows
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Americans are still confused about healthcare law, survey finds
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Interoperability remains limited, according to the National Academy of Medicine
Oct 15 | Jeff Lagasse
Establish an ongoing procurement strategy and avoid the purchase of individual ...