A guide to revenue cycle education at HIMSS18
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ESPN, Jason Pierre-Paul settle dispute over leaked medical record
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The Giants player filed the lawsuit last year after Schefter, an ESPN reporter, tweeted out a ...
Affordable Care Act, pharma's business ties among PwC's top 10 healthcare industry issues for 2017
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Ransomware: 4 steps to resist and recover
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American Hospital Association to Democrats: We oppose President Obama's public healthcare option
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The American Hospital Association and the Federation of ...
Podiatry office hack puts 40,000 patient records and PHI at risk
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A Connecticut podiatry office has notified 40,491 patients that cybercriminals may have compromised ...
CMS plans Hospital Improvement and Innovation Networks
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Seeking to improve patient safety and reduce hospital readmissions, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid ...
MedStar Health forced to turn patients away after virus attack
Mar 30, 2016 | Jack McCarthy
MedStar Health was forced to turn some patients away on Tuesday as it recovered from a computer virus.
Vermont VA saves $63,000 a patient through telehealth use, study says
Mar 17, 2016 | Jack McCarthy
The study found that telemedicine resulted in an average savings of 145 miles and 142 min per ...