Blues plans sue CVS for allegedly inflating generic drug prices
Jun 02 | Susan Morse
The insurers claim that CVS submitted claims for payment at artificially inflated prices and ...
CMS to enforce nursing home safety through CARES Act funding
Jun 02 | Susan Morse
Facilities with a one-star quality rating are more likely to have large numbers of COVID-19 cases than ...
Cigna is waiving copays, deductibles and coinsurance for primary, specialty and behavioral care
Jun 01 | Susan Morse
Customers who were eligible to pick a Medicare Advantage plan earlier ...
Insurers face uncertainty in setting 2021 premiums
May 29 | Susan Morse
Insurers need to project the future cost of delayed elective procedures and total expenses of COVID-19 care.
Insurers are refunding surplus revenues now, rather than later
May 27 | Susan Morse
Insurers will be issuing a total of about $2.7 billion in refunds, estimates the Kaiser Family ...
The future of APIs first depends on building value for patient access
May 27 | Susan Morse
Patients want access to everything, according to focus groups interviewed by the Pew Charitable ...
CMS announces pharma partnership to cap insulin copay at $35
May 26 | Susan Morse
Some of the telehealth provisions extended on a temporary basis will be made permanent, CMS ...
Cleveland Clinic teams with United Airlines on cleanliness standards
May 25 | Susan Morse
Both the airline and the hospital system need to develop trust to be able to say, ...
HHS distributes $500 million to tribal hospitals, clinics and urban health centers
May 22 | Susan Morse
The pandemic has disproportionately impacted Indian Health Service providers and ...
In final rule, CMS makes telehealth more widely available in Medicare Advantage plans
May 22 | Susan Morse
CMS said it wanted to finalize some proposed policies before the MA and Part D ...