Massachusetts seeks to create healthcare spending target
Jul 31, 2012 | Kaiser Health News
Massachusetts is aiming set the first statewide target for healthcare spending in the U.S. by holding ...
Maine's Medicaid showdown with HHS
Jul 13, 2012 | Kaiser Health News
In what is shaping up as the first state-federal showdown on Medicaid following the Supreme Court's ruling on President ...
SCOTUS ruling will have impact on Medicaid
Jun 26, 2012 | Kaiser Health News
The future of the nation's largest health insurance program -- Medicaid -- hangs in the balance of the Supreme ...
States struggle to meet goals of moving elderly and disabled into community
May 30, 2012 | Kaiser Health News
A multi-billion dollar federal initiative to move low-income elderly and disabled people ...
Physician pay to be tied to quality and cost of care
Apr 16, 2012 | Kaiser Health News
Medicare plans on using resource use reports to tie physician reimbursement to quality and costs of care.
IPAB moves to the House
Mar 12, 2012 | Kaiser Health News
Later this month, just as the Supreme Court is hearing arguments on the 2010 health law, the House is expected to pass a measure that would ...
Berwick's Top 5 achievements at CMS
Dec 05, 2011 | Kaiser Health News
Friday was Donald Berwick's last day as administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.
Social Security disability benefits could dry up by 2017
Aug 22, 2011 | Kaiser Health News
Much of the focus in Washington has been on fixing Social Security's retirement system, but the ...