Penn Treaty's failure is largest in history with big financial impact on all insurers
Aug 07, 2017 | Kaiser Health News
Penn Treaty's liquidation requires others to pay off company's ...
Federal court rules democratic state attorneys general who support cost-sharing reduction payments can join fight
Employer-sponsored plans offer increasingly higher deductibles
Jul 28, 2017 | Kaiser Health News
The evidence is mounting that high deductibles force people to delay care that could cost more later.
Embattled scope maker Olympus slapped with $6.6 million verdict in superbug outbreak case
Jul 25, 2017 | Kaiser Health News
Olympus must pay Seattle hospital damages tied to deadly outbreak; hospital ...
Drugmakers spotlighted for swelling political donations, lobbying presence
Jul 24, 2017 | Kaiser Health News
Congressional donations from pharma PACs rose 11 percent in this year's first ...
HHS supports Cruz proposal but policy experts say it's opaque, misleading
Jul 20, 2017 | Kaiser Health News
Findings from the draft report from the amendment proposed by Sen. Ted Cruz drew ...
Congressional hearing examines concerns about oversight, abuse of 340B drug discount program
Jul 19, 2017 | Kaiser Health News
Federal reports in recent years from Medicare advisory board, as well as ...
Little-noticed tweak to insurance market could be boon for big pharma
Jul 13, 2017 | Kaiser Health News
The pharmaceutical industry could see windfall profits from a little-noticed tweak to the ...
California nurses still pressing lawmakers to vote for single-payer
Jul 11, 2017 | Kaiser Health News
The union of 100,000 nurses believes single-payer can move forward even as California fights GOP ...