Tech firm launches contest to find the best ICD-10 coders
Sep 08, 2016 | Carl Natale
Central Learning will give $5,000 for the inpatient coder with the highest average accuracy and ...
ICD-10 codes you can use for Pokemon Go diagnoses
Jul 19, 2016 | Carl Natale
Don't worry, it looks like the ICD-10-CM code set is up to the task.
Oct 22, 2014 | Carl Natale
The offical transition to the ICD-10 coding set takes place next October (or so we hope). Many providers have already spent a good deal of ...
Aug 07, 2013 | Carl Natale
If you think calculating the true cost of the ICD-10 transition will be easy, think again.
Apr 15, 2013 | Carl Natale
Since ICD-10 implementation affects almost every department in a medical practice or hospital, it's fair to say that ...
Oct 05, 2011 | Carl Natale
Canada's ICD-10-CA implementation did not go smoothly for many reasons. But healthcare ...