Geography shapes health and wellness habits, survey shows
Jan 31 |
Miamians are the most health-conscious while Minnesotans are the least of people in 18 cities surveyed.
Study sheds light on executive pay in healthcare industry
Jan 16 |
Compensation for CEOs ranged from $274,300 to $1.4 million, depending on the size of the hospital.
Federal watchdog cracks down on inflated Medicare payments
Jan 03 |
Insurers were allegedly found to be exaggerating the health ailments of patients, receiving billions.
Millennials, Gen Xers less satisfied with health plans, new survey shows
Dec 10, 2019 |
Incentive for healthy behaviors was the biggest demand from those who took the survey, with ...
Horizon BCBSNJ and MOBE partner on reinsurance model for cost savings
Dec 03, 2019 |
Targeted services for frequent users come at no cost to the insurer or individual, but results ...
Nursing shortage collides with rising baby boomer population
Nov 21, 2019 |
Flexibility and work-life balance had the most influence for 39% of nurses, though 31% say compensation ...
Providers and caregivers need better awareness of age-friendly care
Nov 05, 2019 |
While 88% of patients said they were satisfied with their care, only half said their doctors and ...
Operational efficiencies saved hospitals from further earnings decline
Oct 28, 2019 |
Mergers and acquisitions helped grow revenue but it's taking health systems longer to ...
Medicaid rebates central to the concern over 340B drug program, survey shows
Oct 17, 2019 |
Different states have different methods for identifying 340B drugs billed to programs, ...
Poor digital billing process associated with uncollected payments
Oct 14, 2019 |
Younger consumers are especially are willing to switch providers over a bad billing experience.