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Amazon deemed most likely industry disruptor, say healthcare executives

Amazon was cited for a number of reasons, including resources, influence, brand loyalty, convenience and a built-in distribution network.

Jeff Lagasse, Associate Editor

There are a number of potential disruptors to the healthcare industry, including Apple, Walmart and Google. But according to new research, Amazon stands alone as the company healthcare executives deem most likely to shake things up.

About 100 executives at provider organizations were asked which company they thought would have the biggest impact on healthcare over the next several years, and a full 59 percent of them pointed the finger at Amazon.

In a distant second, Apple got 14 percent of the vote.

There were a number of different factors cited as to why Amazon is likely to have such an outsized influence. Respondents agreed it has the resources, influence, brand loyalty, distribution network and convenience to make some serious waves.

Many providers, in fact, are already using certain Amazon technologies, such as the Alexa voice recognition software, and the Amazon Business purchasing platform.

And the company is reportedly planning to open primary care clinics for employees in its Seattle headquarters.

Earlier this month, CNBC cited people familiar with the matter and reported that Amazon's plan is to hire a small group of doctors to run the pilot clinic for a "select group of employees" and then expand access to the facility to more workers in early 2019.

The ecommerce giant previously had entertained outsourcing its clinics, even bringing in vendors to make proposals, but eventually decided to keep the operation in-house, the report said.

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