Racial inequities uncovered in hospital admissions for heart failure
Oct 30 | Jeff Lagasse
Patients who self-identified as black were 9% less likely to be admitted to specialized cardiac ...
CMS will pay $1.9 billion to hospitals in value-based payments for inpatient care
Oct 30 | Susan Morse
Over 55% of hospitals will receive higher Medicare payments under the Hospital ...
CHS divests Virginia hospitals, sells to Bon Secours Mercy Health
Oct 30 | Jeff Lagasse
In an ongoing effort to consolidate and reduce debt, CHS is exiting the state in a deal expected to ...
Self-insured employers are playing an increasing role in taking on the status quo to lower costs
Oct 29 | Susan Morse
The insurance industry will remain but the traditional PPO is ...
Reducing wasteful spending in healthcare by curbing administrative complexity
Oct 29 | Jeff Lagasse
Wasteful spending is an increasingly thorny problem in healthcare, especially with the ...
Willingness to accept Medicare for All policy hinges on its implementation, survey shows
Oct 28 | Jeff Lagasse
While optional Medicare for All is popular among voters, many are wary of ...
Kaiser, Oscar, Blue Cross Blue Shield plans among big winners of cost sharing reduction payments
Oct 28 | Susan Morse
In total, Affordable Care Act insurers in a class action lawsuit ...
Operational efficiencies saved hospitals from further earnings decline
Oct 28 |
Mergers and acquisitions helped grow revenue but it's taking health systems longer to ...