Healthcare executives fear for their organizations' viability without a COVID-19 vaccine
Oct 19 | Mallory Hackett
A complete financial recovery for many organizations is still far away, ...
Utilizing telehealth in the ER can reduce wait times and patient length of stay
Oct 19 | Jeff Lagasse
Telehealth adoption under COVID-19 has provided a blueprint for wider implementation ...
Most older Medicare recipients concerned over future healthcare costs
Oct 19 | Jeff Lagasse
Half are worried that a major health situation in their household could lead to bankruptcy or ...
Faith Regional Health System: To thrive, 'focus on the basics'
Oct 16 | Susan Morse
The Nebraska health system was able to keep financially afloat during the crisis without ...
HHS partners with CVS and Walgreens to administer COVID-19 vaccine to long-term care facilities
Oct 16 | Mallory Hackett
Pfizer announced today it would apply for Emergency Authorization Use ...
Trump has no specific plan to replace ACA, despite grilling by Savannah Guthrie
Oct 16 | Susan Morse
Joe Biden says he will give his stance on court-packing before Election Day.
HHS awards nearly $500 million to support primary healthcare workforce
Oct 16 | Jeff Lagasse
Two NHSC programs have more than doubled the number of NHSC clinicians treating patients with ...
CMS approves Medicaid expansion in Georgia with work requirements
Oct 16 | Jeff Lagasse
CMS estimates that more than 30,000 people will receive Medicaid coverage during the first year of ...
Premera Blue Cross to cut 285 positions due to COVID-19
Oct 16 | Susan Morse
The layoffs are unrelated to a $6.8 million settlement Premera agreed to pay last month relating to a 2014 ...
Proactivity and partnership pay off for nursing homes during the COVID-19 pandemic
Oct 15 | Jeff Lagasse
Staff received hazard pay, meals and, in one nursing home, a dedicated space to ...