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ACA open enrollment continues to outpace last year

Since Nov. 1, 2.27 million consumers have enrolled, outpacing the 2.13 million who signed up by Nov. 26, 2016.

Susan Morse, Senior Editor

Sign-ups in the Affordable Care Act marketplace continue to top that of last year, as consumers face a shortened enrollment period.

During the third week, from Nov. 12 to 18, 798,829 people selected plans using

Since Nov. 1 when open enrollment began, 2.27 million consumers have enrolled, outpacing the 2.13 million who signed up by the end of the fourth week in 2016, on Nov. 26.

Each week shows numbers ahead of last year.

CMS in its weekly snapshot release has given no reason for the increased enrollment numbers.

This year, consumers are working on a shortened time period compared to last year. They must sign up by Dec. 15, rather than the end of January.

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CMS under the Trump Administration has cut its promotional budget for the ACA by 90 percent and has reduced funding for the navigator organizations that help people select plans and to enroll.

This year, during the third week of enrollment from Nov. 12 through Nov. 18, 798,829 people enrolled. Of those, 220,323 were new to, and 578,506 were renewing coverage. 

During the third and fourth weeks of 2016 when CMS released numbers every other week, 1.13 million people selected plans. Of those, 273,059 were new consumers, and 856,440 were renewing coverage.

Cumulative totals show that in 2016, 2.13 million consumers were enrolled by Nov. 26, compared to 2.27 million by the end of Nov. 18 this year.

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