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ACA enrollment continues to fall; Insurers have 3 weeks to make gains

This year, 1.92 million people have selected plans, compared to 2.27 million last year when open enrollment began a day earlier.

Susan Morse, Managing Editor

The number of consumers signing up for Affordable Care Act plans continued to fall in Week 3 of open enrollment.

Between Sunday, Nov. 11 and Saturday, Nov. 17, 748,244 consumers selected plans using, compared to 798,829 during Week 3 in 2017.

Cumulative totals are 1.92 million plan selections since open enrollment began on November 1, through November 17. This is compared to 2.27 million sign-ups last year through November 18.

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Cumulative enrollment comparisons are tough to make, since open enrollment began a day later this year than last.


Insurers have returned to the ACA market this year and others have expanded their footprint. Consumers are not seeing the double-digit premium increases that they have in the past.

This year is a test of sorts as to where the ACA market is going.

Insurers have three weeks to make gains. Open enrollment ends on Saturday, Dec. 15.


The individual mandate is gone and the Trump Administration is allowing consumers to buy less expensive, short-term limited duration health insurance.

Federal funds for marketing, advertising and Navigator assistance have been slashed.

An October survey shows consumers are confused about the healthcare law and whether it even remains in effect.


This year, of the 1.9 million people selecting plans since November 1, 456,907 are new consumers, and 1.4 million are consumers renewing coverage.

Last year, of the 2.3 million plan selections, 566,042 were from new consumers and 1.7 million were renewing coverage.

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