Risk Management

HIPAA-required risk analysis is only way to compliance
May 04, 2018 | Jessica Davis
While gap analysis can find existing vulnerabilities in an organization's security, it's not an…
Ohio fertility clinic replaces equipment following malfunction
Apr 26, 2018 | Beth Jones Sanborn
As original estimates of how many specimens were destroyed doubled from 2,000 to…
Researchers: Stop manually cleaning medical scopes
Apr 23, 2018 | Jeff Lagasse
Researchers put the onus on hospitals, manufacturers and regulators to do a better job of reducing contamination and…
6 things keeping CIOs up at night
Apr 06, 2018 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Merger and acquisition activity sent waves through the information security sector too, and CIOs are acutely aware of the security complications…
Apr 03, 2018 | Jeff Lagasse
While the MSSP overall was a net cost to CMS in 2016, there is evidence that…
Mar 23, 2018 | Susan Morse
The platform gives providers patient data to earn incentives from risk-based contracts.
Time to adopt policy for antibiotic-resistant infections
Mar 23, 2018 | Jeff Lagasse
A new analysis shows that resistance costs the healthcare industry more than $2 billion annually…
Kalorama highlights top 7 healthcare market disruptors
Mar 20, 2018 | Bernie Monegain
Factors that the research firm said are creating an era of uncertainty in the healthcare industry.
Cybersecurity strategy critical to protecting revenue
Mar 16, 2018 | Jeff Lagasse
In the age of consumerism, how you react to a breach, relay information to patients, and interact with people can mean…
Physicians, NPs face similar malpractice liability risks
Mar 13, 2018 | Jeff Lagasse
Allegations in medical malpractice claims against nurse practitioners don't differ radically from…