Who’s really responsible for unplanned hospital readmissions?
Jul 13 | Jeff Lagasse
New research found that the length of time after which a patient returns to the hospital reveals a lot about…
Bright Health’s payvider model sees triple growth
Jul 12 | Susan Morse
The insurer is expanding its narrow network into new markets by 2019, CEO Bob Sheehy says.
CMS cuts ACA Navigator funding to $10M
Jul 11 | Susan Morse
This year Navigator organizations will be judged on offering options to the ACA such as Association and short-term…
CMS proposes to prevent Medicaid payments diversion
Jul 10 | Susan Morse
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said the change is intended to ensure that…
Health plans vary in drug reimbursement
Jul 10 | Jeff Lagasse
Less than half, 48 percent, of all drug coverage decisions are consistent across the…
Trump Administration’s move to freeze $10.4B in risk adjustment payments disrupts markets
Jul 09 | Susan Morse
AHIP, CMS Administrator Seema Verma both say they want quick resolution to conflicting court…
Missouri mandates managed Medicaid or payment cut
Jul 06 | Susan Morse
State wants hospitals in-network with Centene, UnitedHealthcare and WellCare but with no apparent savings.
Jul 05 | Susan Morse
The appeal of Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced is in it qualifying as an advanced APM but concerns…
What telehealth needs is a better definition
Jul 05 | Jeff Lagasse
Since not all telehealth tools are created equal and the role of certain technologies remains vague, the time…
CMS policy on HACs had little impact
Jun 29 | Jeff Lagasse
The targeted billing codes were rarely used by hospitals, far less than expected based on national…