Feb 15 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Marcia Conrad-Miller of CGI said if payers, providers, pharma work together on…
Feb 15 | Jeff Lagasse
As consumers become more powerful in healthcare, online reviews have become a more prominent tool by which to gauge brand…
Singapore, Raffles Hospital.
Feb 14 | Jeff Lagasse
Singapore's bundle system has encouraged the shift to community-based care and prevention, with strong results.
Feb 14 | Beth Jones Sanborn
A third of respondents also said growing healthcare costs impact their ability…
Feb 13 | Susan Morse
Health plans doing business in Medicare, Medicaid, and the ACA are being asked to share claims data, and all…
Feb 12 | Susan Morse
Pharma wants to be a part of value-based programs in risk-based arrangements with payers.
Dr. Claire Pomeroy addresses the social determinants at HIMSS19.
Feb 12 | Susan Morse
Value-based care demands the switch to wellcare to raise outcomes and decrease costs, Claire Pomeroy says.
Feb 08 | Susan Morse
There's a whole lot of finger pointing happening among feds, providers, payers, pharmacy benefits managers and big pharma, in what HHS Secretary…
Feb 07 | Jeff Lagasse
Implementation of these programs was not associated with reductions in device-associated CAUTI rates.
Feb 06 | Susan Morse
Data shows slow industry adoption, as close to 42 percent of respondents said their virtual care solution did…