Population Health

Mar 04 | Susan Morse
In California, providers are expected to manage a population without reimbursement outside of medical care, expert says.
Mar 03 | Jeff Lagasse
During January and February, demand for N95 face masks surged, up 400% and 585%, respectively.
Mar 03 | Susan Morse
Insurer organizations pointed to the current uncertainty with the ACA that they hope will be stabilized in the high court's…
Feb 26 | Jeff Lagasse
Microscopic changes in the transmission rate trigger macroscopic jumps in the expected epidemic size,…
Feb 25 | Jeff Lagasse
China is the world's largest supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients, and the outbreak could be throwing a…
Radio and microphone
Feb 21 |
HIMSS Media editors discuss health tech's role in the world's response to the coronavirus.
Feb 21 | Jeff Lagasse
Care staff is often required to shift time and resources away from other patients to treat those with a…
Feb 20 | Jeff Lagasse
Study shows MFA could realize $450 billion in savings and prevent 68,000 deaths per year, though implementation costs would be high.
Feb 18 | Jeff Lagasse
The COVID-19 virus may be at least as transmissible as SARS; WHO officials cautioned…
A task force website has been established for treatment developments to the novel coronavirus outbreak.
Feb 18 | Susan Morse
World Health Organization says it hopes to have a candidate vaccine in 16 weeks.